The Simple Life – millionaire pitcher lives in a van

Keeping it Real As a “top prospect in the Toronto Blue Jays organization and widely regarded as one of the top young pitchers in baseball”, Daniel Norris is a minimalist maintaining his roots in the simple life. Although he signed a bonus worth over $2 million, Norris spends his offseason living in a 1978 Westfalia. […]

Bodyweight Exercises – No Gear Workouts

Keeping healthy and looking awesome doesn’t require a bunch of exercise equipment. One of my oldest friends worked as a professional trainer and has studied fitness & body building magazines for years. He swears by squats and pushups. He does them vigorously every day and he looks amazing. It’s not that he doesn’t have all of the exercise […]

Planned Obsolescence: Light Bulb Conspiracy part 3

The good news is that people all over the world have started acting against planned obsolescence. When the batteries died in the first ipods, customers were advised to replace the entire $500. piece of hardware, even though the item was under 18 months old. An unhappy (and media influential) customer, started a website called “” […]