ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions



This is a short list of items that I absolutely LOVE.

Minimalists value quality over quantity, so only the very best, most beautifully designed, most durable, most useful things are allowed into our lives and onto this list. Some of them cost next to nothing, and some are referring to a concept rather than a specific product or store.

I know that it may seem contradictory to have a list of items, but even minimalists have some stuff. It makes sense to have fewer things, of higher quality, and it is helpful to share this information with each other. I do not sell any of these products and I do not earn any income from promoting anything on this site either. If this changes, I will let you know.

Cloth Hanky – Enjoy the softness of cloth on your face, and have the handiness of a reusable item, rather than creating a lot of garbage. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own cloth hanky from new or recycled material. 

Mason Pearson hair brush –  This is the best hairbrush in the world. I raved about it here. Of course, it may be even more minimalist to use a comb, or having super short hair so you don’t need anything at all. However, I cut most of my hair off and thought I could do without anything. After a month of having super short hair, I have decided to keep and continue using my brush because it massages my scalp, is good for my skin, and is a pleasurable sensation.

Staedtler mechanical pencil – I was given mine as a gift about 7 years ago and have bought several more as gifts for others. Instead of replacing the entire pencil & wasting a bunch of perfectly happy trees, simply replace the lead. Read more here about why I love this pencil with a link to a review on other types of mechanical pencils that may be even more awesome.

Keen & Merrell footwear – ergonomic footbed with arch support and breathability. I have tested just about every category of footwear from these two companies over many years – from sandals, to runners, to leather walking shoes, to hiking boots. I should stop bothering to try out other brands as it is generally a huge waste of time and money. These shoes are extremely well-made, durable, super stylish and amazingly comfy… everything anyone could want in great shoes.

Crystal Ball Deodorant – I’ve had mine for years and it works! Instead of buying antiperspirant or deodorant sticks or sprays, I use a soap, water, and a beautiful form of salt. I love my Crystal Ball Deodorant. It’s wonderful.

Menstrual cup – Rather than buying (and filling the landfills with) tampons or pads, I use a reusable menstrual cup. It saves space, saves money, is reusable for years, and it doesn’t cause toxic shock syndrome.

Hiddenbed – is an ingeniously designed convertible desk – bed.  I first saw this product at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) 3 years ago and was so amazed I felt I had to have one right away. The bed flips up and out of the way against the wall, while the desk swivels up into position. The best part is that the entire time, everything on the desk remains completely level, so nothing needs to be moved in order to use the bed. Even an open glass of water will remain safely upright on the desk during the transition.

The demonstrators told me the price was about $3000. for a single bed, without the mattress, so my husband found a place that sells the plans to build your own. After buying the plans and metal parts, the total price of building the Hiddenbed was about $800. including taxes. It took a couple of days to cut the wood, paint and build.

It is perfect for a tiny home, a condo, apartment, or for making the best use of space in any room. I LOVE the space saving and giant desk zone.

HammockA well-made hammock is the best furniture ever invented. It’s an even more minimalist and transportable option than a bed. Hammocks are also super multifunctional and can be used as a chair, a sofa, a playpen, and a swing.

If you have a recommendation for the Made to Last list, let me know. Please only nominate truly amazing items that you have used and loved for years, so I can test and perhaps add them to this list. The only things that will make it onto this list are items that we firmly believe are the very best things in the world. They are not listed in order of importance or quality.