ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

9 Reasons Why Minimalism is Sexy

Man and Woman Kissing in Hot Tub, minimalism is sexy
Image by © Larry Williams/CORBIS

That’s right, you heard me. People who choose to let go of their clutter are hot! Here’s why.

1. Minimalists are adventurous. Only people who are willing to be a bit daring will take the risk of letting go of their excess baggage.

2. Minimalists have more confidence. Only those who believe in themselves enough will dare to toss things. They know they could either: replace things if they change their minds in the future, or trust themselves to be strong enough to live without that stuff.

3. Minimalists are smart and thoughtful. They have taken a close look at their lives and have carefully considered what’s important to them.

4. Minimalists aren’t just thinkers, they take action on creating an environment that clarifies the essential, and highlights their current passions.

5. Minimalists are living in the moment. They are not holding onto excess memorabilia and wistfully pining for the past. They are fulling involved in making an awesome life now.

6. Minimalists are decisive. They don’t helplessly look at the piles of clutter around them. They say, “Yes! I freaking LOVE this!”, and keep it in a special spot. Or they definitively say, “This is not something I enjoy spending time doing anymore”, and get it out of their lives.

7. Minimalists remember to appreciate and feel gratitude for what they already have. They are not obsessed with collecting more and more.

8. Minimalists enjoy more abundance and freedom because they don’t waste their money, energy or time buying useless crap.

9. Minimalists don’t waste their precious life times rummaging through heaps, piles, and stacks of stuff. They know where their keys and other important things are. They’ve got it together. That’s sexy.

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