ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

8 Ways Minimalism Benefits Your Health

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Living on simple and nutritious food the minimalist way
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1. People who want to reduce weight might hire a personal trainer or a dietician. People who want to reduce clutter can hire a professional organizer. In both cases, the hired professional informs and inspires the client to lighten the load. As a result they become liberated from the weight of their excess baggage. The process also helps build strength and willpower.

2. Feeling distracted by obligations or overwhelmed by clutter is stressful. Losing important papers or keys is stressful. Paying bills late because home life is chaotic causes more stress. Mental health is improved by reducing stress. Minimalism is a way to streamline our lives, so that everything is easier to sort out.

3. I have noticed a greater number of vegetarians, vegans, and adults dedicated to good nutrition and healthy living who are interested in minimalism. It’s a trend that I’ve observed and it makes perfect sense. Healthy eating is an essential part of healthy living. Similarly, being a minimalist involves making a decision and commitment to reducing possessions and distractions in order to focus on what’s important.

4. Less clutter means fewer places for dust, mould, or nasty pests to hide in your home.  Breathe easier knowing that your home is truly clean. Minimalism is healthy.

5. Becoming a minimalist brings renewed vitality and zest to our lives. Clearing space for the things that make us excited to be alive is powerful. Focusing our energy on what’s most important to us is life changing. Rethinking our priorities to purposefully choose the possessions that support the lives we want is a great way to bring focus and clarity to the paths we are creating.

6. Have you ever complained that you simply don’t have enough TIME to exercise or make healthy meals? Well, as a minimalist, you will stop wasting time searching for lost items, like keys or important papers, and can concentrate on dedicating yourself to making healthier choices.

7. When your living space is organized and streamlined, it simply looks and feels fantastic. A minimalist lifestyle can jumpstart a whole new feeling of revitalized energy in your home.

8. Social Health. Becoming a minimalist can improve your confidence to invite people into your home. Feeling comfortable to socialize at home is important. If previously your home was too disorderly and embarrassing, it can be a huge relief to get things cleared out and under control.

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