ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

One Bagger

An artistically patchy looking photo of a backpacker Living a One Bagger Lifestyle
Living a One Bagger Lifestyle

Imagine roaming the globe with only what you can easily carry. That’s serious freedom!

After writing the article, “What can I buy to achieve a more minimalist lifestyle?“, in which I discussed some extreme minimalists who live with very few items, I discovered a subreddit that tied in perfectly with my own plans for the future.

Onebag is a subreddit for people who do or aspire to have most everything they own fit into one bag. It might not literally be one bag, but a suitcase and a backpack. What it really means is that your whole life is completely mobile and you can carry it with you. – from reddit.com/r/onebag/

Soooo exciting!  I am absolutely thrilled to find so many like-minded people in one place! Yay!

Right now I certainly have more than one bag of stuff, but the concept of becoming a digital nomad is extremely exciting to me. Taking only what one needs to travel the world, while working from exotic locations is the most invigorating idea I can imagine.

If it’s necessary to redesign one’s life to accommodate more freedom to learn, grow and explore, then I feel it is a completely worthwhile challenge. The whole point of being alive on this Earth is to have a worthwhile life. We each must figure out what ‘worthwhile’ means to us, personally.

For me, the most intense feeling of alive-ness comes from all of the enriching things that automatically happen when I travel. It’s basically impossible not to learn a zillion things along the way. Here’s why. Travelling ensures one is among others far more than a stationary person normally would be. When we expose ourselves to the influence of people from all sorts of cultures, we get the opportunity to learn unimaginably cool and useful things. At the same time, this also exposes ourselves to some dangers, but the benefits far outweigh the hazards in my opinion. Living a thoroughly safe, but completely dull life, is not truly living… it’s waiting. (for what, I don’t know)

Taking calculated risks means daring to challenge ourselves to become more than we were yesterday… more informed, more experienced, more excited, maybe more tired, but overall, I believe, more satisfied.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think.

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