ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

The Elegant Paradox of Abundant Minimalism

Finding the sweet balance between too much and not enough.
Photo by: Unknown

Most people spend all of their lifetimes worrying about how to make more money, but few focus on the abundance and joy that results from living more simply! Letting go of the clutter and the desire for things that do not match our true aims benefits us in many ways. I have experienced amazing results with Abundant Minimalism. It has transformed my life. I am so glad you’re here to share this journey with me. I invite you to also share your experiences, as we continue to focus on the essential and cherish the beauty all around.

Accumulating less stuff means more money, time and freedom to create lives of our choosing. These benefits also lead to improving our lives in a multitude of other ways, because when we have more money, time and freedom, we have less stress and fear. Instead we feel more positive and confident. All of this allows us to focus on the really important things like our passions, relationships, and personal development. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a more fulfilling life!

Here’s the beautiful balance of Abundant Minimalism:
Abundant = more money, time, space, freedom, health, joy and focus
Minimalism = fewer distractions, complications, obligations, and no debt

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