Minimalism is a way to free ourselves from the excesses of modern life. We know it’s time to change when we notice we have too many possessions cluttering our space, too many obligations taking up our time, too many distractions from the aspects of life we consider most important. Meanwhile, many also suffer from the burden of debt and are owing too much money, due to living the consumerist / materialist lifestyle.

Minimalism is a way to become truly abundant! Rather than too much stuff, or too many hinderances, we find ways to focus on the aspects of our lives that are most valuable. We seek experiences and people (rather than more objects) that provide the most pleasure and are the most meaningful to us.

We focus most on the present, rather than cause ourselves needless stress by regretting the past, or worrying about the future. We release anything that no longer serves to improve our lives. We let go, and by doing so, we also feel more free.

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