Of course, when we buy technology, we must consider the question: “Are we consuming it, or is it consuming us?” We can own whatever we think will be best, but we must beware of the inherent distractions that are built into our so called, “helpful” technology.

There is not only one way to be a minimalist. We must all carve our own minimalist path so it suits our circumstances as best we can. My way might be different than what another person may consider minimalist. No one is perfect and we all have room to improve as we seek a minimalist lifestyle that works for our individual situations.

As a result of simplifying our lives, we can all enjoy the benefits of more time to do the things we love and care about most. By becoming more conscious, we buy less stuff, eat fewer animal products, use the car less and cycle or walk more. This has a positive impact on our environment. This is us changing the world by changing our own habits.

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