ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

Panning for the Gold in Your Life

The gold in your life could be walking on an autumn day.
Enjoying time with friends may be the gold in your life
Image by Michelle Lauzon

What qualifies as the gold in your life?

The gold in your life could be something you own, such as a gift that you cherish that was given by a loved one, or the technology that’s most useful to you, or your house.

The gold could be something that’s not a thing at all

Although it’s great to appreciate our possessions, what is more valuable than love? Winning a million dollars cannot compare to having health, safety, freedom, happiness, creativity, gratitude, respect, or trust. These ‘things’ are priceless, that is, their value is beyond price – immeasurable.

Perhaps the gold in your life is your relationship with your significant other, or your child, or your pet. Maybe the gold is the wonderful feeling you get while doing yoga, or making things with your hands, or walking outside with friends.

Take a minute to jot down a list of all of the gold in your life. It’s not only wonderful to feel gratitude for the golden aspects of our lives, but it also crucial to ensure that we’re carving out enough time and space for the stuff that’s actually making life worth living.

Sweep the fool’s gold aside

Sometimes we can get caught up busily doing busy work, while losing sight of our priorities. Busy-ness is not our business. This is a reminder that life is short, so don’t put off the doing the truly important and awesome stuff. Minimalism is all about keeping our gold front and centre, and sweeping the fool’s gold out of our way to make it simple to have a great life.

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