ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

Why You Love Minimalism II

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Targeting the essentials
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This is part two of “Why You Love Minimalism Too”, to see part one click here.

 Simplifying the Plan

Taking the time to target my priorities and reorganize my route is one of my favourite aspects of minimalism. My schedule is not super rigid, but I do enjoy stepping back to plan out my life route on a regular basis to ensure that this train is heading to a station I like. If we don’t do this periodically, we can get into routines that are unhealthy or lead to destinations we don’t want. As every old timer has ever warned, time flies. Weeks can quickly turn into months and years, and if you are repeatedly doing things you don’t want to do, no one else is more responsible or motivated to change the situation than you! So take an inventory of how things are now, how you want to go forward, and adjust the situation to streamline it toward your goals.

Having fewer possessions also leads to having more time and more money. If you’re not spending a bunch of time looking for stuff, cleaning it, caring for it, sorting it, storing it, worrying about it getting lost or stolen, or spending money buying it… you’ve saved a lot of mental and physical energy that you can use elsewhere in your life in more meaningful ways. I love that!

I think the Redditor called Lfty summed it up quite nicely by saying,

I want to live simply and frugally, using my time for things that are either memorable or productive. I want to get rid of things I don’t need and train myself not to want things I don’t need. I also dislike clutter and enjoy the minimalist design aesthetic.

Some people are into minimalism because,

We have too many things to pay attention to. Such is the modern world. I research minimalism because I want to have the right amount of things and focus on what matters. Because I will be dead soon. And you will be too. – Vorzard

Yes; we don’t live forever, which is why we need to prioritize now to create the lives we want. There are plenty of distractions out there. Without diligence, efforts could be so scattered that nothing gets accomplished. That’s no way to look back on a lifetime. Minimalism is an extremely helpful approach to clearing up our focus.

Temptations Abound

Let’s face it. Although minimalism may be simple, it’s not so easy. We are constantly surrounded by advertising to buy things that we don’t really need. In most cases, friends and family are completely absorbed by consumerism and materialism. We were all raised in this culture where an individual being called a ‘consumer’ is a commonly accepted term. That is certainly not how I view myself, and you probably don’t see yourself that way either.

…the people currently in my life (my wife, friends, co-workers, etc) are all very consumerist in their life approach. Stuff makes them happy for a day and they buy more stuff the next day. Because this attitude floats around me every day, I constantly fight the inner urge to keep up with my loved ones and buy a bunch of stuff. It’s nice to have a community where I can “get away” from the consumerist attitude and appreciate minimalism. – bcubed5150

This Redditor elaborates with some great points that reflect valuing information and experiences over things,

… the root of most evil in our world is capitalism and consumerism… our economic system has seeped too deeply into our culture and psyche, causing us to cherish the acquisition of “things” as a life goal. To me, minimalism is a stand against that. It isn’t just about owning fewer things — it’s about devoting time, money, and resources to the things that count. – SyriaStateside

Depth rather than Breadth

There is far too much emphasis on the surface of things… on how things appear, rather than how they truly are. Instead of a life filled with trivia, headlines, soundbites, snippets and tweets, some people are drawn to minimalism because they are seeking depth in their lives. To actively decide the kind of lives we want, the most important things to us, the key people … these are crucial and life-changing considerations. Minimalism is one way to make a commitment to depth and meaningfulness in the areas that we truly care about. It’s about designing our lives on purpose, rather than just hoping it will somehow turn out. It’s about deliberately letting go of the things, activities, and relationships that aren’t really meaningful to us.

Inspiration, Insight and a Reminder that it’s possible

Some people are drawn to read about minimalism because they want to make some hands on changes and they need advice on how best to go about it. They seek tips and tricks to declutter, and products to help organize when they’ve finished purging their unwanted stuff. They may be searching for multifunctional furniture, or looking for where to sell or donate their unnecessary items.

Some people come to read about minimalism for inspiration, insight, and a reminder that we don’t actually need much to have a rich, interesting and fulfilling life. In fact, the minimalist lifestyle is significantly more peaceful and abundant than the stressful, cluttered, consumer rat race. In essence, minimalism is about living a more fulfilling life.


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