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MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

Bodyweight Exercises – No Gear Workouts

A healthy woman and man sprint along the beach toward the distant mountains. No gear workouts suit a minimalist lifestyle.
Fitness and fun with no gear at all.
Image by Michelle Lauzon

Keeping healthy and looking awesome doesn’t require a bunch of exercise equipment.

One of my oldest friends worked as a professional trainer and has studied fitness & body building magazines for years. He swears by squats and pushups. He does them vigorously every day and he looks amazing.

It’s not that he doesn’t have all of the exercise equipment. He has free weights, a rowing machine, treadmill, exercise ball, some wacky ski boots that hook on a bar to do upside down sit ups, etc., etc… but he routinely only does the squats and pushups and insists that’s all you really need to be buff.

His mom, who is now 76 years old does 100 pushups a day! There’s some serious inspiration and motivation to not complain. She looks fantastic too and you’d never guess her age correctly.

For a slightly more elaborate, yet similarly simple exercise regime, including a healthy diet plan and no-gear workout routine, here is a great place to follow a simple formula for fitness. None of the exercises require any equipment whatsoever, and there are links to watch videos of how to properly perform the six basic moves; squat, squat jump, baby burpee, lunge, pushup, and hopscotch.

The workouts are only 16 minutes long. Who doesn’t have 16 minutes? We all do, so no lame excuses. Being slim and fit doesn’t mean that we have to spend tedious hours every day on a treadmill, unless super long workouts make you happy. Spending a few minutes a day to vigorously move your body is investing in your life!

It’s great to know that you don’t need to spend all day, or any money at all, or collect a lot of stuff to stay fit. Buying a lot of expensive gear is generally a huge distraction. For most people exercise equipment is destined to become a guilt ridden dust collector. So save your cash and space for more important things.

An abundance of money is useless without an abundance of health, so keep it simple by using your own body weight to help you get fit and stay that way.

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