ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions


Contentment. A woman's hand is resting on her knee, with her index finger and thumb touching, depicting the calm and peace of meditation.
Contentment. Everything in it’s place. Feeling more peaceful already.

I love words and I love writing because I get to play with words. The English language is full of amusing and bemusing words and phrases. Writing about abundant minimalism is especially wonderful because it’s sharing how I have chosen to live my life. I know that minimalism has given me more freedom, time, money and contentment and I’m happy to share that with you.

CONTENT – ment

content – MEANT

Did you really mean to add so much content to your space?

CON – tent

con – TENT

Today it’s all about feeling con-TENT about our CON-tent.

We don’t use accent symbols in English, so I’m capitalizing the side of the word that I wish to accentuate. See how we’re emphasizing either the first or last syllable to completely change the meaning of that word?

Stressing the second half, of conTENT means feeling satisfied and peacefully at ease. (He feels most con-TENT after a healthy meal and a long walk.)

Emphasizing the first half of CONtent refers to a thing held or included in something else. (The CON-tents of my drawers are none of your beeswax.)

For minimalists, contentment is the result of editing out the clutter to emphasize things that support the priorities in our lives. Then the content of our homes only contains what we meant, and our stuff isn’t causing us any stress, that’s content-ment. Ahhh.

It really does feel so much better when things get sorted out. Unmade decisions have been resolved. The annoying distractions are gone and peaceful focus reigns.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think.

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