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Paring Back and Preparing to Pack

A worried looking pug sits in a cardboard box in preparation to pack and move.
Paring back is great, but don’t forget your dog! Poor pup looks stressed out.
Image by Sam Lavy

Paring Back is more enjoyable when there’s an exciting goal

I’ll be moving to a new place next month, so I’m in the midst of paring back again in preparation for packing.

Moving can be challenging, however it’s good to remember that all challenges are also opportunities to excel. Moving is exciting and possibly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to removing the stress and only keeping the pleasurable enthusiasm is in the planning stages… in other words, the stuff I do now.

I enjoy planning, and I love the results when the planning is successful. It removes the chaos and stress on the actual moving day. I once had the unhappy task of helping people move who hadn’t packed anything until the actual moving day! Definitely not a good plan and not considerate of your helpers if you have persuaded a few people to lend a hand.

The key to easy organizing is to have less stuff to need to organize

It’s a heck of a lot easier to clean and keep track of things when there’s less of it. It’s also a lot faster, lighter and simpler to move all of your belongings when there are fewer items.

As I’ve looked around and reassessed my stuff, I see that I have about 20 books and the same number of movies on disc. I haven’t reread those other books, or rewatched the films, so all but two will be released back to the world where someone else gets the chance to enjoy them. 

A few things are currently being sold online. Old hobby gear mostly. If the items are worth less than $20., it’s more hassle than it’s worth, but it’s great to get some of your money back for more valuable items.

I’ve also pared back my wardrobe even more to donate some stuff to the local charity shop. Looking through the other closets has revealed some camping gear and exercise equipment that may go as well. Some of the stuff is shared so it requires some communication and compromise.

Then there is the list to check off when the time comes. Having a list is great to remind you to change your address on all identification, and to cancel or transfer the billing address for services, such as the internet, or electricity.

Overall, because of this preparation, I already feel half done.

Over the next month I will pack a few things and clean a few cupboards to ensure the transition will go very smoothly. On moving day everything will be wrapped up like a gift to myself, with clear labels.

With so few items, the unpacking can also happen the same day. Happiness.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think.

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