ABUNDANT = more space, money, time, freedom & focus
MINIMALISM = less clutter, no debt, fewer complications, obligations & distractions

Learning to Be a Minimalist

A diagram of the cone of learning involves not only reading, hearing, or watching, but doing.
Getting into good habits takes some doing.
Image by Sean MacEntee

In a culture saturated with imposed desires, minimalism doesn’t come naturally. Creating a minimalist lifestyle is something we need to create for ourselves.

We choose to become minimalists for many reasons. Maybe our families were ‘collectors’, or packrats. Maybe we are artistically drawn to the clean lines of the minimalist aesthetic. Maybe we hold onto too many things because deep down we feel needy or unsure about the future. Maybe we are tired of feeling crowded. Maybe we can’t find the stuff we really need because we’re surrounded by too much clutter. Maybe we can’t concentrate due to all of the distractions.

Whatever the impetus, it makes sense that many people are looking for a calm space where they can feel in control. Learning to be a minimalist is very rewarding. Minimalism is a great way to rein in our physical belongings in order to have more space for clear thoughts and to gain perspective in our lives.

As with most things that are worthwhile to learn, it usually doesn’t happen all at once. Generally, we begin to learn about something by hearing about it from others or reading about it. That can be inspirational, and I hope you have found some kindling to spark your imagination here. Learning to be a minimalist can also be fun. You may want to read about breaking up with your stuff.

Watching videos and discussions about minimalism are a great way to learn too, however, in order to effect real changes in our lives, the most important step of all is action! If you really want change, today is the best time to start. Here are ten things you can toss today. Another way of hitting the reset button on life is to pack everything. Or perhaps you’d prefer having a tossing party!

When you’re done reading, I hope you will feel excited and have the momentum to participate in creating the life you are clearly interested in. Don’t just read and think about it, do it now!


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